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DADO Database Mapper® - NOW FREEWARE !

  • Most advanced non-intrusive persistency with object relational mapping today available for .NET Read more ...
  • Map inheritance, 1:1, 1:n and n:m relationships, serialized fields, calculated fields and much more on tables, views, stored procedures and custom queries
  • Optimistic concurrency, caching, lazy loading, serialization
  • Map and persist .NET, COM, COM+ and even legacy classes or precompiled libraries
  • Code generation in C# and VB.NET Read more ...
  • No coding in SQL, ADO or ODBC required. Full object oriented queries
  • Native support for Oracle, Sql server and Access
  • Relational database, XML and Binary persistency

DADO Application Server® - NOW FREEWARE !

  • Distributed / replicated database support. Distributed transactions
  • Designed for minimum network traffic and best performance and scalability  Read more ...
  • Security, Authentication, Authorization over the net  Read more ...
  • Accessible through Remoting and Web services  Read more ...

DADO Solution® is the technological leader for  object relational mapping and enterprise frameworks for the .NET platform. It was the first .NET professional mapping  software and Application server in one providing developers the most full featured and easy to use application development tool for managing enterprise .NET applications.

DADO Solution®  keeps engineering resources focused on building applications...Not on building and maintaining an O/R layer, security handshaking, deployment issues !

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