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Advantages of DADO SolutionŽ

Project managers and software architects wonder what advantages can the use of DADO SolutionŽ bring in an enterprise application. This page will try to show the main advantages and implications adopting DADO SolutionŽ in an enterprise project from a management point of view

Reduce the data access layer development to almost 0%

Most business application projects spend more than 50% of the development resources in data access layer logic and mapping. DADO SolutionŽ allows to map your entire object model visually to tables, views, stored procedures, etc.. Together with productivity tools like the database and object import wizard, the object query console, the Sql query console, etc., persisting a full business process to a relational database becomes a pure configuration job. DADO SolutionŽ also brings stable and already tested mappings for almost every database meta information and logic, like optimistic locking, date/time fields, change sequences, etc..

Not only it avoids programming any data access logic, but also non- terminating discussions about database modeling and best practices. 

Being 100% not intrusive it does not require special constraints from the developers and allows in extreme case to use your code without any dropping in other frameworks/solutions. If you decide to use DADO SolutionŽ you don't commit to it for life. Developers don't need to program targeting DADO SolutionŽ; they need indeed only to concentrate on the business model and logic of their use cases.

Allows to use existing legacy database systems and migrate to new ones without writing a line of code

Since in DADO SolutionŽ the full persistency becomes a pure configuration task, you can configure your new application in a first phase to your old legacy database and then in a second phase to the new schema. This allows to keep running old systems, design the new ones independently from the old databases and migrate to a new database schema just replacing a configuration file.

It abstracts completely the database allowing most database changes without changing the code

Most database, even in a productive environment, keep changing. New guidelines come, new columns are required, tables are renamed, etc.. Upgrading complex applications can become a month-long job with unknown repercussions on other systems. With DADO SolutionŽ you just update your mapping configuration and the applications will keep going on as before.

Does not commit your project or enterprise to a database vendor

If you are not using really database system specific features (ES. stored procedures, triggers, etc.) DADO SolutionŽ is completely independent and portable to most used commercial database systems. You don't commit your project or enterprise to a specific database vendor and even you can use different databases in different branches or countries of your enterprise, depending on your requirements or local guidelines. This all even without need to change or recreate your mapping configuration. Migrating from OracleŽ to Sql-ServerŽ or vice versa becomes a pure data-migration job; no code update required.

Brings a full solution for enterprise applications perfectly integrated

While there are different vendors of enterprise tools for the .NET platform, no one brings a full integrated enterprise solution, covering security, deployment, mapping, persistency, and much more. With DADO SolutionŽ everything comes from the same software supplier, everything is tested to work integrated from the source itself and you keep contact with only one supplier.  

Includes many productivity tools

DADO SolutionŽ includes many object/relational productivity tools which increase the development time. This tools include many wizards, database designers, code generators, etc.. Being poor productivity tools they only increase development time without bringing any code constraint or legacy libraries in your solution.

Is scalable from the desktop to the enterprise without modifications

DADO SolutionŽ scales from the desktop persisting on an Xml file or Access database to the enterprise with replicated OracleŽ or Sql-ServerŽ databases and an application server with no or minimum effort. This allows to be fast during the developing phase without setting up an application server or test against it and deploy then to the enterprise immediately without modifications.

Increase performance and decrease network traffic

DADO SolutionŽ increase performance compared to a standard DataSet approach in extreme case of a factor 10. Object materialization in DADO SolutionŽ is designed to be very fast from the design. Object deserialization is also optimized for the network, reducing the amount of meta information to the minimum; this allows to decrease network traffic of a factor up to 5.

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