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Cache types

Business objects can be cached by the framework to increase performance, network traffic and system response. In DADO Solution® there are 5 types of cache implemented, covering most application requirements. The SDK allows also to program and configure your own cache type.

Full cache

This cache keeps all objects of a defined type (and inherited types) in memory, allowing to avoid any network traffic and database query when retrieving objects of this type. This should be the cache of choice for all configuration objects which usually exist in a limited number (extent) of instances, but are used very frequently.

Soft cache

This cache keeps a limited number of objects cached (the cache size can be configured), and discards the objects which exceed the cache size in a FIFO queue (last read object will be the first to be discarded). Ideal for objects which are queried and short after requested again (for example an object list and the associated detail window).

Hard cache

This cache keeps a limited number of objects cached (the cache size can be configured), and exceeding objects are kept as weak references, that means they are discarded only if the memory is becoming short and the garbage collector is activated. This allow to optimize the cache in function of the available memory.

Volatile cache

This cache keeps no references to the objects, and every time an object is requested, it is queried again against the data source. For small objects (which are fast to recreate) it is the fastest choice. This cause a lot of garbage collecting, since the objects will be created new every time.

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