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DADO Application ServerŽ is the ideal choice to manage and publish your business object model and processes over an intranet or the internet. It is scalable, extendible and full integrated and transparent in DADO SolutionŽ


  • Unlimited number of parallel opened sessions. Automatic session management with session timeout and object lifetime. 
  • Display of active sessions with session information, like last access, client name, user name, login time, etc.. Possibility to kill active sessions.
  • Channeling through HTTP or TCP for high performance over any available port
  • High security between client and server communication with no need of additional firewalls or encrypted networks event over the Internet
  • Possibility to use encrypted communication between server and client, in particular for secure data exchange over the internet. Supported encryption algorithms are DES, RC2, Rijndael and TripleDES. Key exchange through high secure asymmetric encryption based on RSA.
  • Authentication against window accounts (Integrated security) or any extern authentication module implementation. Support for windows SSPI integrated security (NTLM, Kerberos) inside the intranet or the Internet.
  • Integrated .NET roles security both on the client and server side. You can use standard .NET role based security on both sides of the network.
  • Versioning check of the clients with automatic upgrade of client side assemblies
  • Full integrated system with number of client/server messages reduced to the minimum and very low data overhead for optimal performance. 

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