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DADO Broker System®

DADO Broker System® is the ideal solution when you deal with different data source types or replicated databases. The system allows you to switch and coordinate different persistency sources brokered to different storage systems visually.


  • Unlimited number of sub systems that can be merged
  • Coordination of any persistency type (ES. XML and Binary, Database, Oracle and Access, etc.) as objects of the same system
  • Possibility to broker different data operations (query, insert, update, delete) to different data sources and storages. For example you can query from a replicated local database and update directly the master (centralized) one.
  • Support for distributed transactions across any system boundary


Go to our download page now and try DADO Broker System®

See our demo brokering Northwind® database tables across 3 databases and brokered through DADO Broker System®

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