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Download DADO Solution® for .NET 2.0 - Now freeware !!

On this page you can download different modules and patches of the enterprise DADO Solution®

You are allowed to install the downloaded software products within your enterprise without limitations.

Since DADO Solution® is targeting the Microsoft .NET platform, you need .NET 2 runtime 

If connecting to a database following data access providers are required/suggested

Read also our FAQ on DADO Solution® deployment


Full DADO Solution® (ca. 5 MB)

This includes DADO Database Mapper®, DADO Application Server®, DADO Broker System® and DADO Server Browser®

Additional DADO Solution® utilities and  tools


DADO Application Server® service

Allows to run DADO Application Server® as a service in background. Requires DADO Application Server®

DADO Solution® manuals and tutorials


Diverse articles & How to create a database mapping

DADO Database Mapper® online help with description on how to create a standard database mapping file with DADO Database Mapper®


How to configure Microsoft IIS®

Describes how to configure Microsoft IIS® to host DADO Solution® server components

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