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Recent studies indicate that an estimated 50% of developer's development time is spent writing code to persist or manage access to relational data. Another 10% is spent managing security and access control across a network and a remaining 5% handling remoting through clients and servers.

DADO Solution®  with its advanced O/R mapping capabilities saves up to 80% of the time database access development with Microsoft.NET. It not only covers a simple object/relational mapping, but it handle also meta data functionalities, like optimist locking, concurrency access and update, default and system fields handling, database and application security, etc..

Without writing any line of code it is possible to map almost every existing or new application to any relational database, getting the best out of the relational and the object oriented world. DADO Solution® leverage the underlying database features to be maximum possible getting almost the same performance as querying directly the database, but having objects. It is much faster than a traditional DataSet approach and network traffic is also reduced to more than 50%.

DADO Solution® is absolutely not an intrusive system. This allows to program without inheriting or implementing special types. This allows to use any CASE tool to create your business classes and in case even to abandon DADO Solution® without any loss in your invested time and resources.

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