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DADO Solution® is the leader .NET framework for multi-tier distributed object-oriented enterprise applications. It includes an advanced object/relational mapper, an application server and different other enterprise tools.

DADO Solution® with its modules covers following areas in the development of enterprise applications :

Object / Relational mapping

Relational databases are the standard de-facto for data persistency, objects the one for design and middle-tier to front-end applications. DADO Solution® brings the most advanced object-relational mapper today available for .NET to cover the technology impedance between databases and objects. You can map inheritance, aggregation, compositions to tables, views, stored procedures and much more.


Application server

DADO Solution® applications can assume a great variety of architectures, allowing to scale and fit from the desktop with XML persistency to the enterprise with distributed databases and transactions. When used in the enterprise we provide an optimized application server (DADO Application Server®) with custom authentication, encrypted communication, lifetime management, minimized network traffic and much more. We provide client-server communication through .NET remoting under Microsoft IIS®, as windows service or as standalone application and as web service.


Broker System

DADO Broker System® allows to merge and coordinate different business domains under the same context. So you can coordinate different context, for example a database and an XML one under the same facade. You can also broker different data operations to different databases, for example query operations to a replicated one and insert/update/delete ones to the master one.

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