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Object / Relational mapping

DADO Object MapperŪ represents the most advanced object/relational mapper application today available for the .NET platform. This allows to map almost every type of object oriented construct on any existing or new database, and this full visually. 


  • Mapping of object persistency on tables, views and even stored procedures. Possibility to have different mappings for every database operations, for example query on a view, update through a stored procedure and delete through another one.
  • Three different ways to map object inheritance on relational structures. Click here to read more about inheritance mapping.
  • Mapping on different databases, for example one for reading and one for writing (replication scenario) or just to distribute your object universe on more existing databases in the enterprise network.
  • Absolute not intrusive. No base classes or mapping information is required in your model or code. 
  • Mapping to Oracle, SQL server  and Access. More database systems to come in the future. Thanks to a high abstraction of the underlying database, in most cases you can change the underlying database system without any new design or mapping update.
  • Import of existing database schemas through the database import wizard
  • Complex queries on object properties in unlimited depth (properties of properties and so on). Transparent handling on inheritance and aggregation queries. Complete OO queries are mapped to any Sql statement
  • Own connection pooling for best performance with many clients. Minimum and maximum number of open connections are configurable. More parallel transactions can be kept open for complex transaction processes.
  • Support for distributed transactions. A full two-phase distributed transaction system will be implemented in next release
  • Mapping of 1:1, 1:n and n:m relationships in object properties and collections
  • Automatic handling of DBNull values with null or default values
  • Through an open and intuitive API any imaginable mapping can be realized or existing mappings can be extended  
  • Written completely with Microsoft .NET technology. No legacy or native code.

Go to our download page now and try DADO Database MapperŪ.

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